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2023 Spanish GP Prediction – Formula 1

This upcoming weekend, the entire Formula 1 caravan will make a short trip from the south of France to the northeast of Spain for the GP in Barcelona. After Max Verstappen's victory in Monaco last week, the gap between number 1, Max Verstappen, and number 2, Sergio Perez is 25 points. Verstappen's Red Bull car seems to be unstoppable this season and if he continues he can be crowned champion in his own country in 6 races from now. 

In Spain, everything at Red Bull will be focused on continuing the upward trend. Mercedes and Aston Martin will try to do whatever they can to keep up with the Red Bull vehicles. However, all eyes are on Ferrari this weekend as their long-awaited upgrade will finally be released.


After the victory in Monaco, everyone is convinced that Max Verstappen will defend his world championship this year without any difficulty. The other teams are working extremely hard to see how they can upgrade their cars to keep up with the Dutchman. Mercedes already upgraded their car last week and indeed they made some progress. However, it was not enough to come close to the Red Bull cars. 

The biggest news is coming from the circuit in Barcelona itself. Formula 1 has decided to remove the chicane at the end of the track. This means that the cars can maintain their high speed which will hopefully result in more track action.

Weather Forecast

The expectation is that rain will dictate the beginning of the upcoming weekend in Spain. The first 2 practice sessions on Friday will most definitely take place in the rain. The temperature will not go over 20 degrees Celsius. 

The conditions during the qualification on Saturday will be opposite of the conditions on Friday. The temperature will be around 24 degrees Celsius and no rain is expected. 

On Sunday, during the race, the temperature will be similar to Saturday. This means that the race itself will take place under ideal race conditions.

Aston Martin spanish GP 2023

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain has existed since 1991 and is located near Barcelona in Montmeló. The circuit is 4.655 kilometers long and has a total of 14 turns. The fastest time at the circuit in Catalonia is held by Max Verstappen with 1:18.149, which he set in 201.

This year, the circuit will look the same as how it was back in 2007, which means that they got rid of the chicane at the end. This will significantly increase the track action as cars will be able to maintain their speed coming out of turn 13. 

Circuit de Catalunya Spanish GP 2023
via formula1.com

Spanish GP Schedule

Schedule of Spanish GP this year:

Friday, June 2

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: First practice

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM: Second practice

Saturday, June 3

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Third practice

6.30 PM – 7:30 PM: Qualification

Sunday, June 4

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM: Race

Previous Winners at Circuit de Catalunya

Over the past 5 years, Mercedes has dominated in Spain. In 2020, Max Verstappen managed to break Mercedes' hegemony by finishing in second place. Valtteri Bottas took 3rd place. Incidentally, the same podium with Hamilton at 1, Verstappen at 2, and Bottas at 3 was the result in 2021. Last year, Max Verstappen won the race before his teammate Sergio Perez and Mercedes driver George Russell.

Spanish Grand Prix Betting Tips

The circuit in Barcelona suits Max Verstappen. He consistently performs well and he will be determined to finish first again like last year. Ferrari will try again to compete with Mercedes and Aston Martin with their long-awaited upgrade. 

This weekend we think it is not a matter of who will win the race. The question will be more about who else, besides Red Bull, will be standing on the podium. We are giving the benefit of the doubt to Ferrari as they hyped up their upgrade to their cars.

Below are the most popular Formula 1 bets for Spanish GP:

🏆 Charles Leclerc podium finish (3.00)

🏎️ Aston Martin: both cars finish in top 6 (2.75)

🏎️ Total classified drivers: over 17 (2.10)

🏆 Max Verstappen: Fastest Lap and Race win (2.75)

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