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Five Unconventional Player of the Match/Series Awards in Cricket

Cricket records illuminate a cricketer's exceptional accomplishments and contribute indelibly to their legacy. The act of breaking or establishing records serves as a testament to a player's skill, unwavering dedication, and innate talent, thereby leading to well-deserved recognition and respect from fans, fellow players, and ardent cricket aficionados alike.

These feats not only permit aficionados and experts to draw comparisons across different eras, but they also furnish the groundwork for evaluating a cricketer's performance vis-à-vis their contemporaries and forerunners, thereby catalyzing animated discussions and debates regarding supremacy in various facets of the game.

In each match, series, or even within the realm of an ICC tournament, these records function as the catalyst for cricketers clinching accolades like the coveted “Man of the Match” or the esteemed “Man of the Series” awards.

This article aims to curate a roster of accolades that veer into the realm of the puzzling and perplexing. Cricket betting sites have a betting market related to Player of the Series awards as well.

Sherfane Rutherford’s Enigmatic Reward: A Half-Acre of the American Dream

Sherfane Rutherford's ascent to prominence was predominantly orchestrated through his stellar performances across various T20 leagues spanning the globe. He inaugurated his foray into cricket with the Guyana Amazon Warriors within the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and subsequently carved a niche for himself within the T20 circuits of diverse countries, including the illustrious Indian Premier League (IPL).

In the recent iteration of the Global T20 Canada, Sherfane Rutherford showcased his unbridled prowess on the cricket field while representing the Montreal Tigers, ultimately garnering the prestigious “Man of the Series” distinction. Astonishingly, as part of his winnings, he was gifted an unorthodox prize in the form of half an acre of American land. Undoubtedly, this stands as one of the most bewildering prizes ever conferred upon a cricketer.

Wrestling Belts Grace the Cricket Arena

The International League T20 (ILT20) represents a professionally staged Twenty20 cricket tournament situated in the United Arab Emirates. Its inception in 2022 was officially ratified by the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB). The inaugural chapter of ILT20 unfolded from January 13 to February 12, 2023, hosting six competing teams in its fray.

From its nascent stages, the UAE league took aim at establishing its supremacy akin to the venerable Indian Premier League. Following in the footsteps of the IPL's Orange and Purple Caps, ILT20 introduced an unorthodox twist by unveiling the Green Belt for leading batsmen and the White Belt for standout bowlers, thus accentuating individual excellence.

Luke Wright’s Epicurean Triumph: A Rice Cooker Accolade

English all-rounder Luke Wright's moment in the spotlight arrived when he was bestowed with a rice cooker for his exemplary “Man of the Match” showing during a league fixture within the Dhaka Premier League in Bangladesh. In light of the limited pool of sponsors within the competition, organizers were compelled to delve into unconventional territory for crafting these awards, ultimately culminating in this culinary-inspired honor.

The accolade's sponsorship was generously provided by the local electronics giant “Walton.” The Dhaka Premier League assumes the role of a domestic cricketing contest in Bangladesh, pitting teams from the greater Dhaka metropolitan region against each other. Among its array of sponsors, one notably hails from the domain of rice cookers.

Unconventional Rewards Emerge in Kashmir’s Cricket Arena

Within a local cricketing tournament hosted at Tekipora Kupwara in the scenic landscapes of Kashmir, an anomalous “Man of the Match” award took shape in the form of a 2.5 kg fish. This unconventional recognition was conferred upon Irfan Dar, a standout performer who amassed 94 runs and snared 2 wickets during the contest. Tournament organizers elucidated that the decision to present a fish as the accolade was rooted in the intention to spotlight the suboptimal condition of the playing field.

Organizers underscored that the players themselves had to contribute from their own pockets to render the field playable, and the fish-centric recognition sought to underscore this endeavor. Additionally, the novel award was intended to underscore the notion that even an ordinary fish can harbor intrinsic value as a prize.

Jhye Richardson’s Modest Triumph Over India

The roster of peculiar awards in international cricket would remain incomplete without a reference to an eccentric accolade. Australian speedster Jhye Richardson found himself at the receiving end of a rather unconventional “Man of the Match” acknowledgment during the inaugural ODI against India in Sydney in 2018. Richardson's impactful contribution, comprising 4 wickets for a mere 26 runs in his 10-over spell, contributed decisively to Australia's 34-run triumph.

The accolade, an unconventional bat grip and a set of shoelaces, was personally presented by none other than Isa Guha, who served as the on-field commentator for the match. Guha's rationale for this unorthodox bestowal rested upon her desire to accentuate the significance of seemingly minute elements within the broader fabric of cricket.

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