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Responsible Gaming at Betway

DISCLAIMER: Betway does no longer accept new Indian players starting from October 2023. We recommend signing up with 22Bet instead.

Gambling is meant to be a way to test your analytical skills, luck, and knowledge regarding a particular sport or game. However, if you overdo it, gambling can affect your personal relationships and lifestyle. Hence, it is very important to always gamble within limits, and with money you can afford to lose and time you can afford to spend.

In order to keep you in control of your negative impulses while gambling, Betway has come up with various tools and features. Read on to find out all the measures in place for responsible gaming at Betway.

Limits at Betway

As a player on Betway, you can choose to place certain limits on yourself for controlling how much money you spend on betting. These limits are placed on your deposits and are of 3 types, which are daily limits, weekly limits, and monthly limits.

If you would like to remove or increase your deposit limits, you will need to contact the Betway support team through email or live chat and there will be a 24-hour cooling-off period.

Learn all about deposits in our extensive Betway deposits guide.

In addition to deposit limits you can also choose to set a time limit on your usage of Betway. These time limits are referred to as session reminders. You can set session reminders for a period from 1 hour to 3 hours. Session reminders can be set, modified, and removed whenever you like.

At the end of the session reminder, you will have a choice to accept and continue or to accept and log in.

Self-Exclusion and Removal

If you notice that you are spending a lot of time betting, you might want to consider stepping away for a while. At Betway, you can choose to step away for a predetermined period or indefinitely. When you use this feature, you will not be able to access your account on Betway.

In such cases, you can choose the self-exclusion feature. It will let you exclude yourself from Betway for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, or indefinitely.

If you choose the indefinite self-exclusion option, you will be excluded for at least 6 months. Once the 6 months are over and you put in a request to rejoin Betway, your circumstances will be reviewed and after a 7-day cooling-off period, you will be able to use Betway again.

If you feel like you need to step away from gambling for good, you can also choose to close your Betway account.

Can I Reopen my Betway Account?

If you have self-excluded then you can not reopen your account for the time period you chose for your exclusion. When selecting a self-exclusion period make sure to set it to an appropriate time frame that is acceptable for you. Remember that self-exclusion is definitive and cannot be reversed until the time period passes.

If you close your account, then you can reopen it within 24 hours by contacting the customer support team.

You can find all contact details on our Betway customer support page.

Why is My Betway Account Restricted?

Your Betway account can be restricted for various reasons, such as not completing the verification process, or if you have chosen to self-exclude. Following are some common reasons for Betway to restrict your activities on its platform.

responsible gaming at beway

Incomplete Account Verification

The most common reason for your Betway account to be restricted is incomplete account verification. Because Betway adheres to the strict rules and regulations from Europe, you will have to verify your account upon registration.

This can be done by sending a copy of your passport or ID card, along with proof of address. The KYC process has to be completed before you are able to withdraw your money, so don't wait too long to complete it.

All the steps of verifying your account can be found in our Betway registration guide.

Geographical Restrictions

Gambling is not legal in some countries and since Betway is a licensed operator, it can not provide gambling services in such countries. In some countries, Betway might simply not have a license to operate.

While Betway is completely legal in India, it can be restricted in states that have stricter gambling laws such as Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.

If you wish to know more about all the states where Betway is legal, you can check out our page about Betway legality.

Age Requirements

When you are betting on Betway, you need to meet the legal age requirements in your country of residence. So if you are betting on Betway from somewhere in India, you will have to be at least 18 years of age.

Gaming Authorities and Licenses

Betway is licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). MGA is responsible for ensuring that responsible gaming features are available on licensed bookmakers such as Betway and it has a strict stance against unfair gaming, criminal activities, corruption, and money laundering, and endeavors to ensure that minors and vulnerable players are protected.

Betway undergoes yearly audits from the MGA to make sure that all the required responsible gaming measures are in place.

Get to know more about the licenses and rules Betway has to adhere to by reading our Betway trustworthiness page.

malta gaming authority

Can I Use VPN at Betway?

If you use a VPN to access the Betway site, you might have to forfeit bonuses and other promotions as Betway has a zero-tolerance policy against such activity. You will suffer similar consequences if you try to mask your IP address with some other service.

While you may still be able to access the betting site, your bonus money is at risk. We advise against using a VPN to bet on Betway.

How to Change Personal Information?

You can change your personal information on Betway. In fact, you are required to keep your account information up to date. If you would like to update your personal information such as your address, email, phone number, form of payment, and any other information, you can do so by accessing your account settings. You can also add payment details by contacting Betway customer service.

However, some information like your username for example cannot be changed due to the responsible gaming regulations. Take a look at our page on how to change personal information on Betway for more information.

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