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Three Reasons Why Virat Kohli is Not Right Fit at No.4

Virat Kohli's batting prowess is second to none. He consistently churns out centuries and accumulates runs with incredible ease, making him a match-winner in all formats of the game. His remarkable ability to chase down totals and build innings under pressure is a rare quality. 

His presence alone provides confidence to the team, as they know they have a world-class batsman who can anchor the innings. Kohli's consistency in all formats of the game is unparalleled.

Whether it's Test cricket, One Day Internationals, or T20s, he consistently performs at the highest level. This consistency provides stability to the batting lineup and allows the team to plan and execute strategies effectively.

The ODI World Cup is about to go on the floor and all the teams are getting ready for the tournament. Team India is also along the same lines but the selection committee currently needs help finding a reliable Number 4 batsman. Cricket betting sites have all kinds of betting markets with them.

During the 2011 World Cup triumph, Yuvraj Singh played the role and did a fabulous job for the team. However, this time, team India has a major void at the position and in recent analysis, Virat’s name has popped up to handle things at the number 4 position. 

However, we believe that Virat Kohli should not be playing at number 4, and here are the reasons for the same.

Controlling Innings at Number 3

Virat Kohli's mastery at the crucial number 3 position in cricket is a testament to his remarkable batting skills, temperament, and ability to control an innings effectively. One of the critical aspects of Kohli's success at number 3 is his impeccable technique. 

He combines textbook shots with a wide array of strokes, making him adaptable to different conditions and formats. His ability to read the game and adjust his approach accordingly is a hallmark of his greatness. Kohli’s ability to handle the pressure of scoring runs at number, on account of the failure of the opening partnership, will be useful for the team.

Kohli’s Ability to handle Spin Attack

Kohli's ability to handle spin was a hallmark of his game. His nimble footwork, precise placement, and exquisite timing made him a formidable force against spinners. However, cricket is a dynamic sport, and players face peaks and troughs in their careers. 

Kohli has witnessed a major decline in his performance in front of the spin attack. Bowlers have analyzed his weaknesses and devised strategies to exploit them, often employing a tight line and length, not offering him room to free his arms. If Kohli comes at number 4, he won’t get time to settle and might have to play the spin attack from the first bowl. 

This will be a major problem for him as he might lose his wicket early. If he comes to the number 3 position, Kohli can build a confident inning by playing the pace attack and can eventually face the spin attack.

Fewer Options for Number 3

At number 3, Kohli is the fulcrum around which the team's batting revolves. His capacity to absorb pressure, steady the ship during early wickets, and accelerate when needed is a rare combination. 

Replacing Virat Kohli at number 3 is an arduous task. His technique, mental strength, and ability to excel under pressure are qualities that are not easily replicated. As for the current talent, no one in the team can replace Kohli at number and fill the void. The ODI World Cup is not where Team India should take the risk of removing Kohli from the 3rd spot.

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