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Stake Indian Premier League Tournament Race

In an exciting twist to the 2024 Indian Premier League season, Stake India is upping the ante by offering its users an unparalleled opportunity to win a range of spectacular prizes, including a luxurious BMW X1, the latest Apple iPhone, and a cash prize of INR 83,000.

Cricket enthusiasts and bettors alike are invited to immerse themselves in the thrill of every IPL match hosted on Stake, where they can not only enjoy the game but also engage in friendly competition with fellow bettors.

The challenge is set to reward the 16 top participants, determined by the total amount they wager throughout the tournament, with these incredible prizes. Make the most of this Stake IPL Bonus by signing up with the bookmaker.

What is the Stake Indian Premier League Tournament Race Bonus?

In the Stake IPL offer for the 2024 season, you have a thrilling opportunity to win incredible prizes simply by indulging in your passion for cricket betting.

As you place bets on IPL matches through Stake, your total wagered amount could propel you into the ranks of the top 16 bettors, making you eligible for some fabulous rewards.

The grand prize is a BMW X1, a symbol of luxury and performance, waiting for the top bettor. If you're among the next eight in line, you'll be rewarded with the latest Apple iPhone, a device coveted for its cutting-edge technology.

And for seven more lucky bettors, cash prizes of INR 83,000 each are up for grabs. Remember, after the winners are announced, it could take up to 60 days for you to either receive your prize or have the cash equivalent credited to your Stake account.

How to Claim Stake Indian Premier League Tournament Race?

Claiming your Stake Indian Premier League Tournament Race rewards involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Engage in betting on IPL matches via Stake throughout the 2024 season.
  2. Increase your chances by wagering more across the IPL games. Your position in the race depends on the total amount you wager 
  3. After the IPL season concludes, Stake will announce the winners. Make sure to check if you're one of the lucky 16.
  4. If you win, Stake will contact you regarding the prize delivery. For physical prizes like the BMW X1 or Apple iPhone, allow up to 60 days for delivery. 

Terms and Conditions

To participate in the Stake Indian Premier League Tournament Race, please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Currency Eligibility: This bonus is exclusively for users who place their bets in Indian Rupees (INR).
  • Ranking Criteria: Participants will be ranked based on the total amount they have wagered across all Indian Premier League matches during the tournament.
  • Bet Validity: Only bets that stand (i.e., are not cashed out or voided) will count towards your total wagered amount.
  • Prize Delivery: After the winners are announced, please allow up to 60 days for the delivery of physical prizes or for the cash equivalent of these prizes to be credited to your Stake account.
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