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Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus

Top bookmaker in India, Stake India in an exciting new partnership with Sauber, is set to electrify the ongoing Formula 1 season for motorsport fans around the globe.

As we gear up for the thrill of high-speed racing, the betting site is celebrating this collaboration with an exclusive promotion just for you.

If your chosen Sauber team driver narrowly misses out on a Top 6 or Top 10 finish—by just one position—you’ll still come out ahead with our Extra Place Payout Bonus.

Get ready to experience the adrenaline-pumping action of F1 like never before and make the most of this betting bonus

What is Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus?

This exclusive offer allows you to back a Stake F1 Team driver in the Top 10 or Top 6 markets, with a rewarding twist.

Should your selected driver finish just outside the specified positions—11th for the Top 10 market or 7th for the Top 6 market—you will still get paid out as a winner, with payouts going up to INR 8300.

This promotion ensures that even a near miss can still result in a victory for you, making every race moment even more exhilarating. The minimum stake required to participate in this offer is INR 415.

How to Claim Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus?

To claim the Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Register/Log In: Make sure you have an active account with Stake. If you’re new, sign up by providing the necessary details and completing the verification process.
  2. Navigate to the Promotion: Once logged in, head to the promotions section on the Stake website or app, and locate the Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus.
  3. Place Your Bets: Choose a Stake F1 Team driver and place a bet in either the Top 10 or Top 6 market. Remember, the minimum stake required is INR 415.
  4. Watch the Race: Enjoy the race and cheer on your selected driver.

Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions for the Stake F1 Team – Extra Place Payout Bonus.

Make sure your bets comply with these terms to take advantage of this exciting bonus.

  1. Eligible Bets: Only pre-match, single bets placed on the Top 6 and Top 10 markets for the Main Race are eligible for this promotion.
  2. Race Results: The final results that determine the payout will include any penalties and appeals that are officially recognized post-race.
  3. Minimum Stake: A minimum stake of INR 415 is required to qualify for this promotion.
  4. Maximum Payout: The maximum payout you can receive under this bonus offer is INR 8300.
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