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Five Breakout Stars at the WPL 2024

The second season of the Women's Premier League concluded with a thrilling victory for Royal Challengers Bangalore. The tournament, held across vibrant cities in India, showcased the immense talent and growing popularity of women's cricket.

RCB's journey to the title was remarkable, overcoming a shaky start with crucial wins in the knockout stages. Smriti Mandhana's consistent batting and a well-rounded bowling attack proved to be the winning formula.

The WPL wasn't just about RCB's triumph. The entire league witnessed explosive batting displays, with the shorter boundaries forcing a discussion on potential adjustments for future seasons.

Young talents like [insert emerging player's name] impressed everyone, showcasing the depth of Indian women's cricket.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 players who performed exceptionally well in the league and made headlines in the media houses from across the globe.

1) Shabnam Shakil (Gujarat Giants)

16-year-old Shabnam Shakil etched her name in WPL history, becoming the youngest player to ever participate in the league. The Gujarat Giants pacer made a dream debut against Royal Challengers Bangalore, showcasing her composure and talent.

Shakil's fiery spell against UP Warriorz, where she picked up 3 crucial wickets, further cemented her place in the team.  Her impressive performances have not only bolstered the Giants' campaign but also signalled the arrival of a future star in Indian women's cricket.

Shabnam already made headlines by winning the under-19 World Cup at the age of 15 at the Women’s T20 World Cup in early 2023.

2) S Sajana (Mumbai Indians)

Sajana, a relatively unknown name before the WPL 2024, has become a household name thanks to a single, powerful six.  During a crucial match, with the scores tied and the tension thick, Sajana launched a last-ball delivery soaring over the boundary rope. 

This match-winning feat propelled Mumbai Indians to victory and instantly turned her into a national sensation. Sajana's story resonates with fans because it highlights the underdog narrative and the immense pressure players face in the final moments of a close game.

Her one-six not only secured the victory but also ignited a passion for women's cricket among a whole new generation of fans.

3) Asha Sobhana Joy (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

Asha Sobhana Joy made headlines in the 2nd edition of WPL when she picked up a 5-wicket haul against UP Warriorz and eventually became the only bowler to reach that number.

She turned 33 a day before the final game and finally, all the cards for her fell at the right place in the league. WPL – a league that allows the young guns to make it big but this time Asha gained the spotlight and now she is finally knocking on the door of the selection committee for team India.

4) Tanuja Kanwar (Gujarat Giants)

Tanuja Kanwar has been a lone bright spot for Gujarat Titans in the ongoing WPL 2024. While the Titans have yet to quite find their footing as a team, Kanwar's consistent performances have earned her praise. Kanwar, a left-arm spinner, has impressed with her bowling, picking up wickets at crucial junctures.

Her ability to control the run flow and create pressure has been a valuable asset for the Titans. Her economy was recorded at 7.13 with 10 wickets at an average of 20.70. Which is a major improvement in her performance as compared to the previous edition.

5) Titas Sadhu (Delhi Capitals)

Titas Sadhu, the young pace bowler, has emerged as a rising star in Indian women's cricket. Her fiery spell in the U-19 World Cup final, earning her Player of the Match, announced her arrival on the big stage.

She continued to impress on her India debut and even bagged a four-wicket haul against Australia recently. Despite her talent, Sadhu hasn't seen much playing time in the WPL for the Delhi Capitals. While the team reached the finals last season, Sadhu remained on the bench and this season she only bowled 9 overs.

This lack of exposure limits her development and hinders her ability to learn from experienced players.

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