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Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge

If you're eager to enhance your guessing abilities while also having the chance to win exciting prizes, the Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge is the ideal opportunity for you.

Simply submit your entry with predictions for the complete series scores of the entire 2024 NBA Playoffs. With just a minimum deposit of INR 3,200, you could win a whopping INR 65,00,000!

Don't miss out on this thrilling challenge where your basketball knowledge could lead to big rewards. The guide below will help you know more about this exciting bonus at the Dafabet.

What is the Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge?

To participate in the Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge, start by submitting your NBA betting predictions for the 2024 NBA Playoffs series scores.

The deadline for predictions is April 27, 2024, (GMT+8), just before the start of Round 1 Game 3. To validate your entry, you must fulfill a minimum deposit requirement of INR 3,200 and a turnover of INR 6,500 on Dafa Sports.

By meeting these criteria, you stand a chance to win the impressive Jackpot prize of INR 65,00,000! The list of the further prizes has been given below:

Name of the Prize Prize Money Offered (in INR)
  1. Jackpot Prize 

1.1. Whole Playoffs Series

  1. Consolation Prize 

2.1. Round 1 – Conference Finals

            2.2. Round 1 – Semi-Finals 16,00,000
            2.3  Whole Round 1 Games 7,50,000

How to Submit the NBA Match Prediction?

Receiving your prize from the Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge is a simple process, designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Follow these steps to ensure you qualify for this fantastic prize and make your gaming journey both fun and rewarding.

  1. Registering at Dafabet: The first step to participating in the NBA Match prediction is to create an account and register yourself on the platform. 
  2. Predicting the winners of the NBA Matches: After logging into your account, visit the Dafabet Promotions section where you will find the “NBA Playoffs Challenge” Promotion. Click on it and then start selecting the winners of the matches given on the screen.
  3. Submit the Request: Once you are done predicting the winners of all the NBA matches available on the platform, submit the request and then wait for the results of the matches.

Terms and Conditions

Before you can claim your prizes at the Dafabet NBA Playoffs Challenge, there are specific terms and conditions you must follow.

Check out them:

  • All Dafabet players with an active Dafabet account are eligible for this promotion. The offer is exclusively available on Dafa Sports.
  • To start predicting the matches, you need to make a minimum deposit of INR 3200 while the turnover requirement has to be INR 6500.
  • For the whole Playoff Series, you can receive INR 65,00,000 while for the consolation prizes, you are eligible to receive up to INR 32,00,000.
  • If there are multiple eligible players, the jackpot and consolation prizes will be divided among them based on the number of winners. You must submit your predictions before April 27, 2024, (GMT+8), before the start of Round 1 Game 3 of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.
  • For your bets to count towards the turnover requirement calculation, they must have sporting odds of 1.50 or higher on any 2024 NBA market. To withdraw or transfer funds, the consolation prize-free bets require a 1x wagering requirement on odds of 1.50 and above.
  • Free bet prizes will be provided between 3 to 4 days after the conclusion of the final 2024 NBA Finals game, no later than June 24, 2024 (GMT+8).
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