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Crickex IPL 2024 Millionaire Prediction Contest

Get ready for a big IPL 2024 adventure with Crickex's Millionaire Prediction Contest! Imagine having a chance to win from a huge prize pool of INR 10 crore just by guessing what's going to happen in the matches.

It's not only about picking who wins; you can guess which team will hit the most 50s and sixes, and even who'll take the most catches or make the most run-outs.

Do you know who'll be the top scorer or which team will take the most wickets? Or maybe you have a hunch about which team will play the fairest? Every guess you make could bring you closer to winning big.

So, gear up to put your IPL knowledge to the test and make the most of this jaw-dropping Crickex IPL Offer

What is Crickex IPL 2024 Millionaire Prediction Contest?

The Crickex IPL 2024 Millionaire Prediction Contest is your ticket to diving deep into the excitement of IPL and potentially winning big from a massive INR 10 crore prize pool.

This contest challenges you to use your IPL knowledge and intuition to make a wide range of predictions across various aspects of the tournament.

Here’s what you’ll be predicting:

  • Daily Match Predictions: For each match, you’ll predict the winner, which team will hit the most 50s, the team with the most sixes, the team making the most catches, and the team with the most run-outs.
  • IPL Winner Predictions: Take a shot at predicting the overall IPL winner, the runner-up, and the top 4 teams that will shine in the tournament.
  • IPL Centuries Predictions: Guess which team will score the most centuries, which will have the most 50s, and which might end up with fewer centuries.
  • IPL Run-Scorer Predictions: Predict the team that will score the highest total runs, which team will surpass 200+ runs the most, and the team with the lowest total runs.
  • IPL Wickets Predictions: Figure out which team will take the most wickets, the top 2 teams in terms of wicket-taking, and which team will achieve the most hat-tricks.
  • IPL Boundaries Predictions: Decide on the team that will win the most, the team that will hit the most fours, and the team involved in the most super-overs.
  • IPL General Predictions: Lastly, predict the team that will win the Fair Play award, which team will be at the bottom of the group stage, and the team that will dominate the group stage.

How to Claim Crickex IPL 2024 Millionaire Prediction Contest?

To dive into the Crickex IPL 2024 Millionaire Prediction Contest and get a shot at the massive prize pool, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to claim your spot:

  1. Sign Up: Your first step is to sign up for an account on Crickex if you haven’t already. Make sure your account is set up and verified to participate.
  2. Make Your Predictions: Start making your predictions across the various categories. Think carefully about each one, as your insights could lead you to a big win.
  3. Check Betting Amounts: It's important to note that the betting amount may vary for different predictions. Make sure to check Crickex's terms and conditions for the specific betting requirements for each type of prediction.
  4. Submit Your Predictions: Once you’re confident about your predictions, submit them through the Crickex platform. Ensure that each prediction is in line with the contest's guidelines and submitted before the deadlines.
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