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What is a Banker Bet?

Football is often considered the most beautiful game in the world, followed by millions across the globe. For some, it's just a passion, while for others, it's a passion combined with the thrill of betting.

There is a wide range of football betting markets, and you might not be familiar with all the terms.

But don't worry; we've got your back. One popular betting term in football is the Banker Bet.

What does Banker Mean?

A “Banker Bet” is a term used particularly in the context of parlay bets. In short, a banker bet is a single selection within a larger multiple bet, such as a parlay or combination bet, that you are highly confident will win.

When you choose a “banker” in betting, it means you're really confident that it will happen, so you're putting some of your bet on that outcome.

To understand the concept of a banker bet better, let's break it down in the sections below.

Understanding Parlay Bets

Parlay bets involve combining multiple selections into a single bet. To win this type of bet, all of your selections must be correct.

Parlay Bets bets offer the potential for higher payouts than single bets because the odds of each selection are multiplied together.

However, the risk of losing the bet is relatively high as well, because all selections must be correct.

What is a Banker Bet?
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What is a Banker Bet?
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What is a Banker Bet?
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The Role of Banker Bets

In a Parlay Bet, you can pick one or more selections as “bankers,” which are the ones you're most confident will win.

When you designate a selection as a banker, you're essentially dividing your bet into two parts: one part depends on the banker's success, and the other part depends on the other selections winning.

If the banker bet wins, your stake on the banker is multiplied by its odds, and you'll get a payout based on that.

The other selections are still in the game, and if they win, your potential payout goes up even more.

Managing your Bankroll with Bankers

Banker bets can be a useful tool for managing your bankroll in sports betting. They allow you to allocate your betting amount strategically and reduce overall risk.

When you are confident in one or more selections, designating them as bankers can help protect your bankroll in case other selections do not win.

By using bankers, you can potentially secure a smaller, but more certain profit.

Real Life Example

Suppose you're a fan of the English Premier League and you want to place an accumulator bet on three Premier League football matches:

  • Liverpool (1.75) vs Manchester United (2.50)
  • Manchester City (1.50) vs Chelsea (2.50)
  • Arsenal (2.00) vs Tottenham Hotspur (3.50)

In this scenario, you have a strong belief that Liverpool will win their match against Manchester United. You decide to designate this as your banker bet. And you decided to stake INR 500 on Liverpool to win.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the non-banker section you decide to place INR 250 on Man City and Arsenal wins respectively.

By doing this, you are showing that you’re confident that Liverpool will win the match, but are less sure about wins for City and Arsenal. By designating Liverpool as the banker bet, you are effectively minimizing the risk associated with that particular selection.

If Liverpool wins, your INR 500 stake in them will be multiplied by the odds of 1.75 in this case, resulting in a generous payout of INR 875.

Meanwhile, the remaining INR 500 is distributed across two other matches, which will manage your risk. Even if one or both of the non-banker selections win, you have a chance to earn additional winnings.

Which means if Man City wins their match at the odds of 1.50, you will further go on and win INR 375 even if you lose your bet on Arsenal.

Banker Bet explained infographic

When to Use Banker Bets?

Banker bets are particularly useful when you have a high level of confidence in one selection but are less certain about the others.

They can help you reduce the overall risk of your parlay bets, as even if one or more non-banker selections fail, you can still secure a return from your banker bet.

Banker bets are especially handy when you want to maximize your potential profit while minimizing potential losses.

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