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Responsible Gaming Guide

Responsible gaming is one of the crucial elements behind the success of bookmakers worldwide. Through its implementation, they can protect the well-being of their members, at the same time ensuring there is no compromise on the fun part.

Bookmakers work towards creating a surrounding where you can have fun placing bets, while maintaining control over your betting habits. This page will tell you about the many facets of responsible gaming and how they are designed to help you get the most out of your experience.

Setting Limits

Implementation of limits is a key feature offered by online bookmakers. They can come in various forms, each drafted to fend off the urge to gamble excessively and help you be in control of your spending.

You can always find related information by visiting the ‘Responsible Gaming’ section on your preferred betting site. There, you will see that you are allowed to set limits in different areas such as deposits, time, wagering amount, etc. For instance, responsible gaming allows you to set a limit like depositing no more than INR 1,000 on a given day or spending no more than 20 hours on the bookmaker’s website during a given week.

Listed below are some of the prominent limits that the bookmakers allow you to set across most legal betting sites in India:

  • Deposit limit: Through deposit limit, you can set a cap on the maximum amount that you can deposit into your online wallet during a specified time frame. The durations can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly
  • Time limit: By setting a time limit, you can be certain of not spending extra hours on gambling sessions. It allows you to take much-needed breaks, further facilitating informed decisions on bets
  • Bankroll limit: With a bankroll limit, you can pre-decide how much money you are willing to wager during a given betting session. This keeps you from betting belligerently, thus protecting you from suffering significant losses

We recommend making use of these limits, as they are purely intended to help you keep a healthy balance and make sure you don't lose more money than you can afford.

If you want to know more about this, make sure to check out our limits in cricket betting guide.

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Self-Exlcusion and Removal

Self-exclusion and removal are other integral parts of responsible gaming that allow you to take a break from gambling temporarily or even permanently. They are, of course, for your mental and physical safety if you believe that you are at risk of developing a gambling problem.

Bookmakers let you voluntarily exclude yourself from their services for a specified duration, which can range from days to weeks and even months. During this spelt-out period, you cannot access your account or place bets. As a result, you end up regaining control and seek any external support, if required.

The account removal feature, on the other hand, is permanent, and it allows you to shut down all your betting accounts, which ceases all future gambling activities with a bookmaker. This step requires you to be strong-minded if you are someone who believes that abstaining from gambling indefinitely is the best choice.

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Once you have made up your mind regarding closing your account with a bookmaker, you can visit their website and follow a few steps to accomplish it.

While the exact procedure can vary between sources, the general process of closing an account is highlighted in the below steps:

  1. Log in to the bookmaker’s website using your login credentials
  2. Look for an option that allows either closure or removal of the account. You can usually find it in the ‘Profile’ section
  3. Click on the option highlighting account closure, which will initiate the process. Depending on the bookmaker, you may be asked to specify the reason behind your decision. This normally comprises a list of reasons; all you have to do is check the preferred box
  4. Once done, the bookmaker will provide various instructions related to confirming your decision, reviewing bets that are pending, acknowledging the balance in your account, etc.
  5. If prompted, complete the KYC verification process by submitting the necessary documents required by the bookmaker. If not, then you can move to the next step
  6. See to it that you withdraw any funds that might still be left in your account. Your bookmaker may have several policies related to cashing out. Follow all instructions as suggested on the website
  7. After completing all the necessary steps, the bookmaker will confirm the closure of your account with them. You may receive some kind of notification, usually through email and/or a message

Be advised that the account closure process takes time, as the bookmaker must review your request and ascertain that it is in line with their terms and conditions. Some bookmakers may double-check whether you want to close the account, and accordingly, suggest self-exclusion, which can be a fair alternative.

Can I Reopen a Closed Account?

Yes, you can reopen your account if you have closed it before. Do note that the bookmakers keep a record of your details, and if you wish you use the same email ID and phone number, you may be required to submit a reopen request.

Alternatively, you can use a completely different email ID and phone number, thus registering as a new member.

In the former scenario, however, you may be required to follow the below steps –

  1. While putting forward a request to reopen your account, you must provide a clear reason as to why you wish to return
  2. If satisfied with your intentions, the bookmaker might request you for additional KYC checks
  3. They might even enforce deposit limits, time limits or bankroll limits on your account for a defined period
  4. Ultimately, it is the bookmaker’s decision regarding the reopening of your account

However, if you are in the self-exclusion phase, and wish to return before the predefined date, then you cannot. You will have to wait out the duration. Either way, you can reach out to the customer support team for more clarity.

Why is My Betting Account Restricted?

To ensure the safety and compliance of their operations, the bookmakers have specific criteria in place to suspend accounts or restrict them from their services.

This can be due to some of the reasons as stated below.

  • Self-exclusion: If you have initiated self-exclusion and are within the defined time frame, then you will find your account restricted. The only option is to wait for the duration to come to an end
  • Incomplete KYC verification: By anti-money laundering regulations, the bookmakers require you to complete your verification process by submitting important documents. If you fail to complete it, the operator is within legal boundaries to restrict access to the account
  • Age requirements: You should be of the legal age in the bookmaker’s region of operation to open an account. Most countries set the bar as 18 years but do confirm the legal age by visiting the ‘Terms of Policy’ page of the bookmaker. At the time of verification, if they find any related inconsistencies, it can lead to account restrictions
  • Geographical restrictions: Due to their prevalent local laws, some regions may impose restrictions on members belonging to another geographical area. Bookmakers must abide by these regulations and restrict access to such accounts

It is recommended to first check out whether your account is restricted due to one of the abovementioned reasons. If this is not the case, make sure to contact customer support. They can often help you reopen your account or explain why your account has been locked.

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Gaming Authorities

Gaming authorities are the ones who regulate and monitor responsible gaming among bookmakers in various jurisdictions. They are responsible for supervising the activities of the bookmakers and making sure that they are complying with their guidelines.

The gaming authorities vary from country to country. You can find some of the most renowned ones in the list below:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Curacao Gaming Control Board
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation

Bookmakers licensed in Europe are strict about their respective guidelines when it comes to responsible gaming. They are aware that any breach of rules in this regard can lead to them being summoned by the gaming authorities, even resulting in the suspension of their license.

Can I Use a VPN to Access a Bookmaker?

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the website of a particular bookmaker. It still lands you in a gray area, and you will be required to verify yourself to get your winnings in the preferred currency.

It is also important on your part to check the terms and conditions on the bookmaker’s website regarding their policies surrounding VPN usage.

Also, never try to claim a bonus by changing your VPN location, because it never works since only one bonus is allowed per account.

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How Can I Change Personal Details?

Typically, you will not find much difficulty in updating or changing your personal information. However, this does not mean that you can alter every information that you have previously entered.

While you can change your currency, username, and password, it is not possible to update or change your name and date of birth. These are two of the most important details that you will provide during registration. Your name and date of birth must match the details mentioned in your documents.

If you want to know more about this, make sure to read our guide on changing personal details.

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