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Winning Method in Football

The winning method in online betting is often used while placing wagers on football. In football betting, the winning method refers to how a match is determined as won. There are three main methods: regular time, after extra time, and after penalty kicks.

The winning method in football betting is very popular at the top bookmaker such as 1xbet. If you are still unsure of how this bet type works, we will provide you with in-depth content along with examples that will help you understand the winning method more clearly.

This page is part of our ultimate football betting guide. Check out the guide to learn all the steps for placing a football bet.

The Three Winning Methods in Football

As mentioned above, a football match can offer 3 types of winning method: regular time, after extra time and after penalty kicks.

Where matches in general competitions like the English Premier League are always decided in regular time, matches in knock-out stages of big tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup or Champions League, can also be decided after extra time or penalties.

Winning Method in Football
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Winning Method in Football
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Winning Method in Football
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Here is some more information about the three winning method types.

  • Regular Time: This is when the match is won within the standard 90-minute game duration. If one team scores more goals than the other by the end of regular time, they are declared the winner. This is the standard bet type when you place a 1×2 bet on a football match.
  • After Extra Time: In the knockout stages of tournaments, matches may proceed to extra time (two 15-minute halves) if the scores are level after regular time. If a team scores during extra time and goes on to win the match, they will be the winners of the match.
  • After Penalty Kicks: If scores remain tied after extra time, the match is decided through penalty kicks. The team with the most successful penalty series wins.

Winning Method in Football explained

Odds for Winning Method Bets

In football betting, odds are determined based on a combination of factors that reflect the likelihood of a specific outcome. Here's how odds are calculated for all three winning occasions: regular time, after extra time, and after penalty kicks.

  • Regular Time: Odds for regular time outcomes are influenced by team performance, player form, historical matchups, and other relevant statistics. Bookmakers look into these factors to assign odds that represent the probability of different results.
  • After Extra Time: For scenarios involving extra time, odds may shift based on the team's potential performance in the ongoing match. This could also include records of performance in extra time or the likelihood of a team's goal-scoring abilities in the extra time.
  • After Penalty Kicks: When matches are decided by penalty kicks, odds are set to reflect the probability of a team's success in the penalty shootout. Factors like penalty-taking history, goalkeeper ability, and who the kick-takers on the pitch are.

In knock-out stages of a tournament, you can often place a bet on the winning method before the match starts.

Let’s consider a Champions League match between Real Madrid and Arsenal. If you believe it’s going to be a tight contest, you can decide to place a bet on Real Madrid to win after penalty kicks. If the match indeed ends in a draw and is decided in Real Madrid’s favour after penalty kicks, you go on to win the bet.

While this bet type is very hard to predict, the odds that come with betting on the winning method are often very high.

Factors to Consider

Winning Method in football betting is a great way to make the match even more exciting and earn some extra cash while you're at it. Keep in mind that predicting the winning method is not easy, but the rewards can be very high.

Here are some factors to consider while placing a bet on Winning Method:

  • A standard 1X2 bet never includes extra time and penalty kicks. In case the match ends in a draw after the regular time, the only way to win your bet is if you actually put a wager on the ‘X' result in a 1X2 bet.
  • In the final stages of tournaments a win after extra time or after penalty kicks becomes more likely, because teams are playing less offensive and more defensive.
  • A win after extra time is often unlikely, due to the players being exhausted after a 120 minutes football match. Placing a bet on ‘after penalty kicks' may be more rewarding.
  • Study the form of the team and the history in penalty kicks. Some teams and countries are exceptionally good or bad at taking penalty kicks.
Winning Method in Football
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Winning Method in Football
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Winning Method in Football
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