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1X2 Bet in Football

When it comes to football betting, the 1X2 market is one of the most common and widely used betting markets. This market is also often referred to as the Match Result or Full-Time Result market.

This allows you to bet on the outcome of a football match which is the most straightforward way of betting on football. In this guide, we will explain to you in detail how 1X2 betting works.

This article is part of our football betting guide, make sure to check it out if you are just getting started with betting on football.

1X2 Bet in Football
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1X2 Bet in Football
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1X2 Bet in Football
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What Does 1X2 Mean in Football Betting?

1X2 betting is the most straightforward form of wagering where you predict the outcome of a football match.

The name itself, 1X2, consists of three distinct symbols, each representing a possible outcome of the football match:

  • 1: represents the home team's win
  • X: represents a draw between the two teams
  • 2: represents the away team's win

Before placing the bet it is very important to make sure which team is playing at home and which team is playing away. When you place a bet on “1” in the 1X2 market, you are backing the home team to win the match.

In football, playing on home ground often provides teams with an advantage due to factors like familiarity with the stadium and support from the home crowd.

Example of a 1X2 Bet

Let's look at an example using a match between two popular football clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool.

Understanding the odds associated with each outcome is essential for you before you place a bet.

We use the following odds for a Manchester United vs Liverpool Premier League clash as an example.

  • Manchester United win (1): 2.50
  • Draw (X): 3.00
  • Liverpool win (2): 2.80

In this scenario, if you place an INR 1,000 bet on Manchester United (1) to win and they emerge victorious, you would win ₹2,500 (₹1,000 x 2.50). This means you will make a profit of INR 1,500.

A bet on “X” means you anticipate the match will end in a draw, with neither team securing a win. Draws are relatively common in football. If you place the same stake on a draw, you will win INR 3,000 which includes your initial stake of INR 1,000.

Similarly, if you are placing a bet on Liverpool to win (2), and they end up winning the match, you walk away with INR 2,800 (₹1,000 x 2.80).

1x2 football betting infographic

Factors to Consider for 1X2 Bets

1X2 betting, while straightforward, requires careful consideration of various factors before making a bet.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind to place informed 1×2 bets:

  • Team Form: Analyze the recent performance and form of both teams. Are they on a winning streak, or have they been struggling to register wins? Our betting predictions are a great place to find the latest form of the teams you want to bet on.
  • Injuries and Suspensions: Injuries to key players or suspensions can significantly impact a team's chances of winning.
  • Home Advantage: Take into account the importance of playing at home. Some teams have a strong home record, while others struggle exceptionally much in away matches.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Research the historical matchups between the two teams. Certain teams may have a strong track record against specific opponents.
  • Motivation: Consider the motivation of both teams. Is the match crucial for their league position, or are they playing for pride?

On the whole, although the 1×2 betting market is easy to understand, it's crucial to research your football bets by looking at team form, injuries, home advantage, and other relevant factors before you start placing a bet on this particular market.

1x2 bet factors to consider

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