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First Wicket Method Bet

Cricket is a fascinating game with different ways for a batsman to get out. The first wicket method is a betting strategy that involves predicting how the first wicket will be taken in a cricket match.

There are six possible ways for a batsman to be out in cricket betting: caught, bowled, LBW, run out, stumped, and others.

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How to Bet on First Wicket Method?

Before you place a bet on first wicket method, it is important to study team line-ups, assess bowlers' strengths, and analyze previous matches to gain an edge. Above that pitch, conditions matter most when it comes to the first wicket in a cricket match.

Top betting sites provide odds for each “First Wicket Method” option.

Let's consider an example with odds:

  • Caught: Odds of 2.50
  • Bowled: Odds of 2.75
  • LBW: Odds of 4.25
  • Run Out: Odds of 5.00
  • Stumped: Odds of 6.50

In this scenario, if you bet INR 1,000 on the “LBW” method and it happens to be the first wicket method, you would win INR 4,250. This includes your original stake of INR 1,000 plus a profit of INR 3,250.

If the first wicket gets taken in any other way, you lose your initial stake. Because there are different first wicket methods, this bet can be risky but the rewards are usually very high as well.

Frist wicket method - betting example

Different First Wicket Methods in Cricket

In cricket, there are 6 different methods to take a wicket:

  • Caught
  • Bowled
  • Leg Before Wicket
  • Run Out
  • Stumped
  • Others

In the section below we will highlight each method and explain how to bet on them.


“Caught” is the most common way for a batsman to be dismissed in cricket and occurs when a ball is caught.

Imagine a scenario where Rohit Sharma is facing the bowling of Mitchell Starc in an India vs. Australia match. You feel that because of the pace of Starc there can be possible edges that can fly and Rohit Sharma can get caught.

If you bet on the first wicket being a caught dismissal, and the odds for Rohit Sharma getting caught are 3.75, it means that for every INR 1,000, you bet on Rohit Sharma being caught out, you can potentially win INR 3,750 if your prediction is correct.


“Bowled” occurs when the bowler delivers a ball that hits the stumps without the batsman making contact.

Let's say India is playing against England, and you bet on the first wicket being a bowled dismissal. If the odds for Jasprit Bumrah taking a bowled wicket are 4.50, it means that for every INR 100 you bet on Bumrah taking a bowled wicket, you could win INR 450 If your prediction is accurate.

Another example, If England is bowling first against Australia on a green pitch in Nottingham, you could bet on a batsman being bowled more often than not.

First Wicket Methods - Full list

LBW (Leg Before Wicket)

“LBW” refers to a situation where the ball would have hit the stumps but is intercepted by the batsman's leg instead.

If the batsman is Chris Gayle, who is a good player of spin bowling, chances of him getting out to spinners is low, and remember spinners take a lot of wickets in the format of LBW. So in this scenario, LBW is the least likely way for the batsman to get out.

Run Out

“Run Out” happens when a fielder successfully removes the bails before the batsman completes a run.

Let's imagine an India vs. Pakistan match, and you bet on the first wicket being a run-out dismissal. If the odds of Rohit Sharma getting run out are 5.00, it means that for every INR 100 you bet on Kohli being run out, you could win INR 500 if your prediction is right.

Run Out is an extremely unlucky way of getting out and chances of this happening are usually low, but you can find stats where in some opening pairs have gotten run out more times than usual and bet on this to get multifold return.

As the chances of Run Out happening are low, the rewards for placing a bet on this market are very high.

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“Stumped” occurs when the batsman leaves the crease, misses the ball, and the wicketkeeper removes the bails.

Pay attention to how frequently the batsman jumps out of his crease. If this happens often, and if the wicketkeeper is good then bet on a batsman being stumped out.

However, this is very unlikely as a first-wicket method unless a team puts in a spinner as a bowler from the word go.


The “Others” category includes uncommon methods of dismissals like hit wicket, obstructing the field, or retired out. The odds for these outcomes can vary, offering higher potential winnings due to their rarity.

Always keep an eye on the ‘Others' category, because bookmakers often come up with interesting odds for this rare occassion to occur.

Factors to Consider

When placing a bet on the First Wicket Method, it is important to consider a few factors that can help you place the optimal bet. You should look at the type of pitch, weather conditions and ofcourse the skills of the batsmen.

We will further explain these factors below.

  • The type of pitch: A pitch that is conducive to spin bowling is more likely to have a batsman bowled or LBW. A pitch that is flat and easy to bat on is more likely to have a batsman caught.
  • The weather conditions: If it is raining, the ball will be wet and more likely to swing, which can lead to more LBWs. If it is hot and humid, the ball will be dry and more likely to seam, which can lead to more caught-outs.
  • The skill of the batsmen: If the batsmen are good at reading the ball and playing their shots, they are less likely to be out, in this case betting the way by which a batsman will get out is tough.

Factors to consider in first wicket method

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