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Cash Out Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Cash Out Guide! Are you wondering what Cash out and how it works? We have you covered on this detailed page.

Cash Out allows you to take control of your bets by offering you the opportunity to settle a bet before the event is officially concluded. This feature is a game-changer in the world of online sports betting, offering flexibility and risk management.

If you are just starting out in the betting world, understanding how to use the cash out feature is very important. In this section, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about cashing out bets that will be really helpful in your betting adventure.

Whether you're looking to enhance your betting strategy, minimize risks, or simply want to understand how to cash out bets effectively, our Cash Out Guide will cover every nitty-gritty of it.

Cash Out Guide
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Cash Out Guide
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Cash Out Guide
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How Does Cash Out Work?

Cash Out is a fantastic feature in sports betting that gives you control over your bets, allowing you to settle them before the event you're betting on has ended. It's an important feature for cricket betting, as it lets you lock in profits or minimize losses.

Let's break down how cash out works with cricket betting.

Placing a Bet: Let's say you're interested in betting on a cricket match between India and Pakistan. You decide to place a ₹1,000 bet on India to win with odds of 2.00. If India wins, your potential payout would be ₹2,000 (₹1,000 x 2.00), giving you a profit of ₹1,000.

Monitoring Your Bet: As the match progresses, India starts off strong, and their odds improve to 1.80 in the 30th over. At this point, you notice the “Cash Out” button on your betting slip becomes active. If you decide to cash out now, you'll receive some part of the profit instantly, regardless of the final result.

For example, you can cash out ₹1,111 right now, meaning that your bet will be settled. If India goes on to win the match, you will have received ₹1,111 for your winning bet instead of ₹2,000, but you didn’t have to wait for the match to unfold.

On the other hand, if India is struggling, this cash-out feature will allow you to cover your losses. This means instead of losing all ₹1,000, you will get some amount of money back depending on the odds and match situation.

In case India is struggling and you can cash out for ₹666, it means you have lost just ₹334 instead of your initial stake of ₹1,000.

This simple example above shows you how you can use cash out to your advantage in  two different scenarios.

Cricket Cash Out Example Infographic

When to Use Cash Out?

Going ahead with the example above, let's explore two primary situations in which you should consider using Cash Out.

Before going forward do remember, Cash Out allows you to take control of your bets and make decisions in real time based on the evolving game situation.

So here are situations, when you should use the cash out feature.

When Your Bet Is Likely to Lose and You Want to Limit Your Loss

Consider you've placed a ₹2,000 bet on the Chennai Super Kings to win a T20 cricket match against the Mumbai Indians, but halfway through the game, CSK are struggling, and the odds have shifted against them.

By using Cash Out, you can salvage a portion of your initial stake, say ₹1,000, instead of risking the full ₹2,000. This helps protect your bankroll. By doing this you still have ₹1,000 in your bank for future bets.

If Chennai continues to struggle and eventually loses, you would have lost the entire ₹2,000. Cash Out ensures you don't suffer the full loss.

When You Are Satisfied with the Win

Consider you've placed a ₹2,000 bet on Rohit Sharma to score a century in a Test match between India and England, with odds of 5.00. Rohit has already scored 90 runs, and the odds for him to score a century have dropped to 1.50.

By cashing out, you lock in a payout of ₹2,666, regardless of whether Rohit Sharma goes on to score a century or not.

This guarantees a successful outcome, and you don't have to worry of Rohit getting out in his nervous 90s.

Here's what that looks like in practice:

Cash Out Example - Over/under runs

Which Betting Sites Offer the Best Cash Out?

When it comes to finding the best cash out options in India, two popular and reputable betting sites stand out: 1xBet and 22Bet.

We will explain to you the advantages of the cash out feature on these online betting sites.


Among the most favoured online betting platforms, 1xBet India offers a Cash Out feature that you will simply love. This handy option is available for most of the games they cover, especially the top matches.

What's great is that you can use Cash Out not only for single bets but also for multiple bets. However, it's worth noting that this feature may not be available for the least popular matches.

But, if you're placing a bet on a match from a significant tournament, you can confidently expect to have access to this amazing feature.

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Another trusted platform, 22Bet, allows you to cash out funds from your account at any time if you believe your bet won't turn out to be profitable or successful. It's a valuable tool for managing your bets and minimizing potential losses.

However, it's important to keep in mind that on 22Bet, if you choose to use the Cash Out option, your bet may not count anymore towards bonus wagering requirements.

Therefore, it's crucial to carefully monitor the market and choose the right moment to cash out to ensure you make the most of your betting experience.

Cash Out Guide
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Cash Out Guide
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Cash Out Guide
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What Does ‘No Cash Out' Mean?

‘No Cash Out’ refers to a situation in sports betting where you are unable to use the Cash Out feature for a particular bet or bet type. There are several reasons why certain bets may not be eligible for cash out.

Here are some common situations where No Cash Out applies

Low Odds: Let's say you placed a bet on a cricket match with extremely low odds, like 1.05 for a heavily favored team. In such cases, the bookmaker may restrict cashing out because the potential payout is already very close to your initial stake.

Low Stake: If you placed a very small bet, such as ₹10, the bookmaker might not offer the Cash Out option for such low-stake bets. This is because the potential return is minimal, and the feature is typically more beneficial for larger bets.

Free Bets: Betting sites do usually not allow Cash Out for bets placed using free bet credits or bonus funds. These bets often come with specific terms and conditions that exclude cashing out.

Bet Type Restrictions: Some bet types, such as system bets (like Trixies or Yankees), might not be eligible for Cash Out due to their complex nature. So, be careful while putting money on certain betting markets.

Please Note, it's crucial for you to be aware of whether their bets are eligible for Cash Out or not. All betting sites will clearly indicate whether the Cash Out option is available on the bet slip when you're placing your bet.

Always check the bet slip before confirming your bet to ensure you understand the options available to you or not.

No Cash Out - Explanation

How is Cash Out Calculated?

The calculation of the Cash Out amount is based on a straightforward formula that considers the potential winnings and the current odds available.

The formula is: “Fair” Cash Out Value = Potential Winnings / Current Odds

Suppose you placed a ₹1,000 bet on Manchester United to win a match at the start of the game with odds of 4.00. This means your potential winnings were ₹4,000 (₹1,000 x 4.00).

At half-time Man United are leading 2-0, and the new odds of them winning the game have dropped to 1.50.

Now, you can calculate the “fair” cash-out value using the formula:

“Fair” Cash Out Value = ₹4,000 / 1.50 = ₹2,667

So, in this example, the “fair” Cash Out value would be ₹2,667. If you decide to Cash Out at this point, you secure ₹2,667 regardless of the final outcome of the match.

It's important to note that this calculation simplifies the process and doesn't take into account the bookmaker's margin, which is usually included in the odds offered.

The actual Cash Out offer from the bookmaker may be slightly lower than the “fair” value to account for their profit margin and the real-time dynamics of the market.

Cash Out calculation formula

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