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BCCI and its Tryst With Controversies

Indian Cricket and BCCI are two of the biggest faces in international cricket. These two are the strongest pillars of international cricket and are always in the headlines because of their respective functioning.

Team India is known to produce some of the best quality cricketers who can stun any kind of opposition in any situation. In the last 2 decades, BCCI has designed a path for the young cricketers who want to be part of Team India. This path begins with domestic cricket and goes through the Indian Premier League.

The Cash rich league has helped BCCI to become the richest cricket board in the world and hence they have maintained their dominance in international cricket.

With power comes responsibility and BCCI has adjusted well with both aspects. However, the richest board in the world has also made headlines which should be forgotten by cricket fans and shouldn't be part of Indian cricket history.

Because of some unwanted reasons, BCCI has been in the news due to some undesirable controversies. These controversies still remind of us the wrongdoing of the players and the management.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 such incidents that brought BCCI into headlines, not for the reasons they wanted to.

2009 BCCI – Nimbus Broadcasting Case

In the year 2009, BCCI and Nimbus Broadcasting signed a legal agreement to broadcast all the fixtures of Team India that granted Nimbus rights for Radio, Television, and Mobile broadcasting.

However, the disagreement happened when Nimbus failed to pay the dues. BCCI claimed that Nimbus has defaulted on an Rs. 137.87 crore installment and they have also invoked bank guarantees worth Rs. 1647 crore.

The case was processed in Bombay High Court and the decision came in favour of the BCCI. The case was in the news because of the amount that was involved between the two parties and the issue of broadcasting rights for Team India.

BCCI and National Sports Development Bill

In the year 2011, the sports minister Ajay Maken came up with a National Sports Bill which BCCI objected to. The primary aspect of the bill was to bring the board under the Right to Information Act.

Since the beginning of BCCI, it has been an autonomous board and the bill was trying to change things around. BCCI claimed that the board does not receive any government aid and hence the bill shouldn't be applied to the autonomous body.

The debate is still going on but as of now the bill does not apply to BCCI and the board operates an autonomous body.

BCCI vs Shane Warne in IPL 2011

Rajasthan Royals started their Indian Premier League journey by winning the first season under the captaincy of Australian spin maestro Shane Warne.

He continued to lead the team for a few more seasons and in the year 2011, Warne had a public spat with BCCI and Sanjay Dixit, secretary of the RCA.

The complaint was when the IPL committee and BCCI decided to change the pitch at the last moment for a fixture between RR and CSK. Warne also claimed that CSK owner N Srinivasan had used his influence over the decision.

BCCI vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala in IPL 2011

BCCI made headlines in 2011 again as they terminated the contract of Kochi Tuskers Kerela as the latter failed to pay the franchise fees as per the agreement.

The decision stunned everyone as it was taken by the board in the middle of the season and that disturbed the whole rhythm of IPL 2011. The BCCI later revamped the franchise system, and KTK never returned to the league.

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