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Ashes 2023: Who has won the most Test series

The Ashes is the most historical Test series which takes place between Australia and England. It is the only Test series between the two nations that is taking place for more than two centuries. The Ashes define the rich history of Test cricket and the intense historical rivalry between England and Australia.

The first match of the Ashes series took place on March 1877, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia. It was the inaugural Test match between England and Australia, and it marked the beginning of a long-standing cricketing rivalry. 

At that time, the Australian team just played a single Test against England during their tour and turned out to be victorious. It was a shocking defeat for English cricketers and media channels. The cricket betting sites cover Ashes extensively. 

The defeat was huge and disappointing to English cricket that the Sporting Times published an obituary stating that English cricket had died, and “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. 

It was England’s chance to tour Australia and the series was in the spotlight by the name of “the Ashes” It was a catchy name and the English media and cricket fans immediately started talking about it. However, the term “the Ashes” quickly caught on, and the series between England and Australia has been known by that name ever since.

The Ashes are one of the most fiercely contested sporting rivalries in the world, and it is always a major event when the two teams meet. The series is often close and hard-fought, and it can be a real test of the skills of both teams. The Ashes is a truly iconic sporting event, and it is one that is sure to continue to be contested for many years to come.

Who has won the most Ashes Series?

It has been two centuries and every year, Australia and England come face to face to play the longest format of the game. The biggest question is, which team has won the Ashes the most number of times?

So overall, 72 Ashes series have been played by both teams and out of which Australia has won 34 series and England is currently at 32. Six series have ended up in a draw. The number shows the rivalry between the two teams and the depth of the competition between both.

In recent times, the last 10 series have witnessed major tension between the two teams. Both England and Australia have won 5 series each in the last 10 Ashes. In the last 50 years, Both teams have just witnessed one series draw. The stats clearly show the improvement in the game of both parties and the desire to win the series they both have.

The Ashes – Overall History

Series Breakdown


Played Australia England Draw
Series in Australia 36 20 14 2
Series in England 36 14 18 4
Overall 72 34 32 6

The table above shows that both teams are dominant when it comes to their home ground. Australia has won 20 Ashes at home whereas, England has 18 at home.

Test Matches Breakdown


Played Australia England Draw
Tests in Australia 172 90 56 26
Tests in England 168 50 52 66
Overall 340 140 108 92


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