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1xBet Goalless Football Bonus

Experience the thrill of top league football matches with a unique twist, thanks to 1xBet's “Goalless Football” promotion. This is your chance to place football bets on your favourite team with an added layer of excitement.

If the first half of the game ends in a goalless draw, and your bet doesn't win, the top bookmaker in India has got your back. You'll receive a bonus equal to the value of your lost bet, up to 1799 INR. This means even if the scores don't light up the board in the first half, your football betting experience still has the potential to end on a high note.

Get ready to cheer on every save as much as every goal, knowing that a goalless first half can still bring rewards your way.

What is 1xBet Goalless Football Bonus? 

The 1xBet Goalless Football promotion offers a unique betting experience where the absence of goals in the first half can still lead to a rewarding outcome. If you place a football bet on your favorite team to win in one of the top league matches and the first half ends goalless, 1xBet cushions the blow of a lost bet by refunding the value of your stake as a bonus, up to 1799 INR.

To take part in this offer, it's essential to opt into bonus offers through the “My Account” section on 1xBet, ensuring you're eligible for this and other promotions. The offer is specific to bets placed on the regular time of matches featured on the designated offer page, so it's important to stay informed about which matches qualify.

Remember, this promotion applies solely to your first single bet that fulfills the terms of the offer (W1 or W2) for each eligible match. This bet must be placed after the promotion starts and before the match kicks off. By following these guidelines, you secure your opportunity to enjoy the “1xBet Goalless Football” offer.

How to Claim 1xBet Goalless Football Bonus? 

Claiming the 1xBet Goalless Football Bonus involves a straightforward process that enhances your betting experience on top-league football matches.

Here's how you can secure your bonus:

  1. Log In or Sign Up: Start by logging into your existing 1xBet account. If you're new to 1xBet, you'll need to sign up and create an account first.
  2. Place Single Bets: Navigate to the football matches covered by the Goalless Football promotion. Place your single bets on either W1 (home team to win) or W2 (away team to win). Ensure your bets are on matches listed on the offer page and are placed within the regular time of the match.
  3. Receive Your Bonus: If the first half ends with a goalless draw (0-0), and your bet doesn't win, 1xBet will credit a bonus to your account. This bonus will match the value of your lost bet, up to a maximum of 1799 INR.

Terms and Conditions

To make the most of the 1xBet Goalless Football Bonus, it's important to understand and adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • This promotion is limited to bets placed on the regular time of football matches that are specifically listed on the offer page.
  • The offer applies only to your first single bet that meets the offer criteria (either W1 or W2), for each eligible match.
  • If your qualifying bet loses and the first half of the match ends in a goalless draw (0-0), you are entitled to receive a bonus. 
  • Participation in this bonus offer requires you to opt into bonus offers within the “My Account” section on 1xBet. 
  • Please note that bets placed on various types of handicaps, totals, and even/odd markets do not qualify for this promotion.
  • The maximum refund you can receive as a bonus under this offer is capped at 1799 INR.
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