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Wicket-Keeper’s Remarkable Streak: Four Consecutive Half-Centuries in ODIs

Ishan Kishan has made headlines with his performance for Team India off late. India was in trouble after losing out on the opening lineup with a low score. It was Ishan’s calm and composed batting that saved the Indian innings and reached a nominal score.

Ishan became the second Indian wicket-keeper to hit a fourth consecutive half-century after MS Dhoni. The top bookmakers in India have all kinds of betting markets.

However, there will be more matches to come for the 25-year-old player. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 wicket-keepers across the globe who have scored four consecutive half-centuries in ODI.

1) Shai Hope – West Indies

The ODI captain of West Indies tops the charts with 6 consecutive fifties in ODI format. All his 6 centuries came against Sri Lanka on two different occasions. The first ODI series was played in the February-March window in 2020 where Hope scored 115, 51, and 72 in all three matches.

In all three ODIs, Shai Hope was the only batsman who came out as a string player in front of a Sri Lankan bowling attack. A similar situation happened in March 2021 when Sri Lanka travelled to the West Indies and Hope scored 110, 84, and 64 in three ODIs.

2) Andy Flower – Zimbabwe

In the late '90s, Andy Flower was one of the most feared batsmen in the world with consecutive performances in both ODIs and Tests. He scored 5 consecutive half-centuries in a tournament featuring Kenya, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

Andy scored 81, 72, 70, 66, and 79 in 5 ODIs and helped Zimbabwe to come out at the top in the tri-nation ODI series. It was Flower’s heroics that kept cricket alive in Zimbabwe and inspired the new generation of the nation.

3) Alec Stewart – England

The era of 1990-2000 witnessed a lot of legendary cricketers who eventually made it big for their respective countries. The wicket-keeper batsman Alec Stewart was one of them as he helped England to reach new heights in ODI cricket. During the NatWest Series in 2000, Alec scored 4 consecutive half-centuries and after that scored two consecutive centuries against Zimbabwe and West Indies.

Stewart was a key figure in England's middle order and played a pivotal role in their limited-overs campaigns. He was a part of several World Cups for England, contributing with both the bat and the gloves.

4) MS Dhoni – India

The Indian legend who led team India in numerous games and helped Indian cricket to win the 2011 World Cup, MS Dhoni, became the first Indian cricketer to score 4 consecutive centuries. The first three half-centuries came at the Oval where Dhoni scored 69, 78*, and 50. The fourth half-century came when England was touring India and he scored 87 in the first ODI.

Since his retirement from international cricket, the void can be felt in Team India. The team management has failed to find another player like Dhoni who can play under immense pressure and score a huge number.

5) Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards from the Netherlands is also part of the team as he scored four consecutive half-centuries. The first three came against England where Edwards scored 72*, 78, and 64. However, his heroics were of no use for the Netherlands as the team failed to score a single win.

However, Edwards made headlines with his performance in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers where he scored 83,67,67,67 against Zimbabwe, the United States, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka.

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