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Top Indian No. 4 Batsmen: Best Averages in ODIs

In the world of ODI cricket, batting average is a statistic that holds immense importance. It serves as a critical metric for evaluating a batsman's performance and contribution to the team.

The batting average is calculated by dividing the total number of runs scored by a batsman by the number of times they have been dismissed. A high batting average indicates a batsman's ability to consistently score runs without getting out frequently.

Consistency is a prized trait in ODI cricket as it helps the team build and sustain innings. Batsmen with high averages are often considered dependable and reliable. The top bookmakers in India have generous cricket odds with them.

Here is a list of 5 Indian cricketers with the best averages at number 4 spot who have scored more than 1000 runs in ODI.

1) MS Dhoni – 57.60

A legendary Indian cricketer who revolutionized Indian cricket and showed us the best era of it, MS Dhoni, tops the chart with a batting average of 57.60. Dhoni's hallmark was his calm demeanour and exceptional composure under pressure. He was a master of the finisher's role, often taking the game deep before unleashing his explosive hitting.

However, before becoming an exceptional finisher for the team, Dhoni played his game at number 4 in 29 ODIs and displayed a batting average of 57.60 while scoring 1325 runs. His unorthodox style made him a match-winner and a true cricketing legend, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

2) Virat Kohli – 55.21

Virat Kohli, the modern cricketing maestro, possesses a batting style that's marked by extraordinary consistency and relentless aggression. His technique is textbook, with impeccable footwork and a wide array of strokes. Kohli combines classical grace with power, effortlessly threading gaps and playing both spin and pace with finesse.

He is a number 3 batter but before getting promoted to the spot, Kohli played at number 4 position and scored 1767 runs while maintaining an average of 55.21. His hunger for runs and unmatched work ethic have earned him the status of a cricketing icon, inspiring generations of aspiring batsmen.

3) Ajay Jadeja – 53.05

Ajay Jadeja was known for his distinctive and aggressive batting style during his playing days. He possessed a fearless approach at the crease, often taking on the bowlers from the word go. Jadeja's remarkable hand-eye coordination allowed him to play a wide range of shots, including powerful drives and audacious hooks.

He was particularly effective in the shorter formats of the game, where his explosive batting came to the fore. In 31 matches, Jadeja scored 1008 runs and displayed an average of 53.05 while playing at number 4.

4) Mohammad Azharuddin – 40.39

Mohammad Azharuddin was a stylist at the crease. His batting style was characterized by graceful wristwork, impeccable timing, and effortless elegance. Azharuddin could effortlessly flick the ball through the leg side and caress it through the covers with an almost artistic flair.

He possessed remarkable hand-eye coordination, which allowed him to play unorthodox shots with finesse. Batting at number 4, Azhar scored 4605 runs at an average of 40.39.

5) Sachin Tendulkar – 38.84

Sachin Tendulkar had a gradual rise in the team and eventually became the most reliable opening batsman for Team India. He had a batting style that can only be described as divine. His technique was flawless, with perfect balance, nimble footwork, and a wide range of strokes.

Tendulkar's straight drives were poetry in motion, and his cover drives were exquisite. He could dispatch even the best deliveries to the boundary effortlessly. Batting at number 4, Tendulkar scored 2059 runs at an average of 38.84.

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