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Things that India Needs to Work on Before the World Cup

The Indian cricket team consistently finds itself in the international spotlight. India boasts one of the most passionate and cricket-crazy fan bases in the world. Cricket is not just a sport in India; it's a religion that unites the entire nation.

This immense support ensures that every match involving the Indian team becomes a global spectacle. The media frenzy and intense scrutiny surrounding Indian cricket intensified the expectations.

Every win or loss is dissected, discussed, and analyzed by cricket pundits and fans alike, adding to the immense pressure on the team.

It is because of the same reason Team India is again in the spotlight for the upcoming ODI World Cup which is scheduled to take place in October. BCCI has announced the 15-member squad but there are still a few things that Team India needs to work on before the tournament.

Who Will Bat at Number 4?

Since the retirement of Yuvraj Singh from international cricket, team India has failed to find an equivalent replacement for a batter to bat at number 4 with similar qualities. Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul are two of the most promising batsmen in India. Both players are known for their aggressive batting style and their ability to score runs quickly.

However, they both have displayed inconsistency at number 4. It is because of their inconsistency, the team management has not decided that who is going to bat number 4 in the ODI format. Before the beginning of the World Cup, skipper Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid need to find out the batter among the two who will handle the innings at number 4.

Will Ishan Kishan get his Chance?

Ishan Kishan is known for his explosive and aggressive batting style. A left-handed wicketkeeper-batsman, Kishan is known for his fearless approach at the crease. He often takes on bowlers from the very beginning of his innings, displaying an array of powerful shots, particularly through the leg side.

The biggest question is that with KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer back in the team, will Ishan Kishan get his chance to be part of the team more, or he will see himself not being used properly by Team India? It's time that the team management should have clear communication with the youngster.

Workload management of Jasprit Bumrah

The workload management of Jasprit Bumrah, India's premier fast bowler, is a topic of significant importance. Given his crucial role in all formats of the game, the Indian cricket team's management has been meticulous in preserving Bumrah's fitness and form.

They employ a careful rotation policy, resting him from certain series and formats to prevent burnout and injuries. This strategy allows him to stay consistently lethal with his pace and accuracy.

Kuldeep Yadav vs Axar Patel

Kuldeep Yadav and Axar Patel, two talented spinners in the Indian cricket team, bring distinct styles to the table. For the ODI World Cup, BCCI has chosen to go ahead with both players but, considering that Jadeja will be part of the team in every match, only one of Yadav and Patel will get a chance to play.

Skipper Rohit Sharma and Coach Rahul Dravid should have clear communication with both spinners and should set the expectations right.

Who Will Take the Finisher Role?

With Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja in the team, team India should not worry much about the lower order. Both can score runs while playing against any kind of bowling attack.

However, one thing should be made clear among the two who will take on the role of a finisher in a difficult situation? Both Pandya and Jadeja can handle the pressure but if the role is communicated to them, it will be easier for both players to prepare.

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