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Pros and Cons of Jasprit Bumrah’s Captaincy against Ireland

After staying away from the action for a year, Jasprit Bumrah will be making his comeback in international cricket. He has completely recovered from the career-threatening back injury and now India’s yorker specialist will be heading to Ireland to lead the team for a three-match T20 series.

Jasprit Bumrah is a crucial and integral part of Team India's cricket setup. He is considered one of the best fast bowlers in the world and plays a vital role in all formats of the game. Bumrah possesses exceptional skills in both swing and seam bowling, and he is known for his deadly yorkers and accurate bowling at various stages of the game.

He has the capability of taking wickets even in challenging conditions, which makes him a potent strike bowler. Cricket betting sites have all kinds of betting markets for this tournament. 

In limited-overs cricket, especially in T20Is and ODIs, Bumrah's ability to bowl effectively during the death overs is highly valuable. His precise yorkers and variations in pace make him challenging to score off, which is crucial in limiting the opposition's run-scoring in the final stages of an innings.

Bumrah has shown remarkable adaptability in adjusting his bowling according to different formats and pitch conditions. He can be effective in both red-ball and white-ball cricket, making him a vital asset for Team India in various cricketing situations.

Bumrah thrives under pressure and has a remarkable temperament. He has delivered match-winning performances in high-stakes encounters, which is a sign of a top-class player.

With his return, team India will definitely get an extra push in international cricket and especially in the upcoming ODI World Cup. However, BCCI and the selection committee gave him the leadership role as well and this might go against Jasprot Bumrah or it might work in favour of Bumrah in such a way that the series will become memorable.

Pros of Jasprit Bumrah as the Captain of Team India

  1. While Bumrah is one of the senior players in the Indian team and has shown leadership qualities on the field, being a captain requires a different set of skills and experiences. He has experience leading team India in a Test format for one match but T20 cricket will be a new experience. Bumrah is known for his calm and composed character and this might work in favour of the player while facing Ireland.
  2. Jasprit Bumrah will be leading a team that has multiple new faces and players like Rinju Singh, Tilak Varma, and Yashaswi Jaiswal making their debuts for the T20 format. It will be a delightful journey for these three youngsters as they will be getting positive guidance from Bumrah and his experience.
  3. The leadership role for Bumrah is an opportunity for him to prove his worth for the ODI World Cup. BCCI and the selection committee are analysing every player closely for the upcoming World Cup and they want Bumrah to be part of it. His presence as a leader can be useful in guiding the bowling department toward success during the World Cup.

Cons of Jasprit Bumrah as the Captain of Team India

  1. Bumrah is returning to international cricket after a year and he will be already under pressure to perform at his best. Giving him the role of Captaincy might work against the player. Too much pressure might not allow him to be at his best with the bowl during the tour.
  2. Jasprit Bumrah is a promising young captain but he carries very less experience in field placements. If the field placements are wrong, the whole team might get in trouble with Irish batters who are known to exploit gaps on the field.
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