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Most number of sixes by batter in the ODI format

Cricket is known for its thrill and entertainment which the sport provides to its fans. No matter if it's an ODI format, T20 format, or a 5-day fixture, cricket is a sport that always ends up giving the right amount of thrill on the ground.

One of the biggest reasons for the right amount of thrill is the batters who bat with higher strike rates and take risks to score a huge number. Their higher strike rates and risk-taking ability help their team to score a big number on the ground.

Recently, Rohit Sharma broke a long-standing record for the most number of sixes by Indians in the one-day international format of the game. Before, the Indian skipper – a record was held by none other than legendary MS Dhoni.

When it comes to odds regarding a number of sixes – bookmakers always keep the odds on the higher side to make it interesting for the customers.

Most sixes by batters in ODIs

In this article, we have covered five of the best batters who top the list of most sixes in the One Day International format from India cricket grounds.

1) Shahid Afridi

Pakistan’s firepower batter, Shahid Afridi, holds the record for most sixes in an ODI. He blasted 351 sixes in his international cricketing career. Shahid Afridi is one of the most influential cricketers for young players in Pakistan and across the globe.

He had a big hand in reviving the image of Pakistan’s cricket on the international platform after the exit of Imran Khan. Afridi served his national side for 19 years and scored 8064 runs at an average of 23.57 in 398 matches. He still serves as a major contributor for Pakistan Cricket Board in identifying young talent from the domestic grounds.

2) Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle will go down as the most ferocious batsman in the history of cricket. Without a doubt, Gayle left a huge impact on Jamaican cricket and helped the West Indies team to win two T20 world cups. With 331 sixes in 301 ODIs, Gayle comes at the second spot on the list.

Gayle’s highest score is 215 off 147 balls against Zimbabwe, which came in the ICC 2015 World Cup. He also scored 10480 in his entire career at an average of 37.83.

3) Sanath Jayasuriya

Sri Lankan cricket is currently going through a major dip and it is failing constantly to make an impact in international cricket. However, there was a time when Sri Lanka was one of the most feared cricket teams and that was possible because of the legends like Sanath Jayasuriya.

With 270 sixes in 445 ODI matches, Jayasuriya comes at number three on the list. He scored 13430 runs in his entire career at an average of 32.36. As an opening batter, Sanath Jayasuriya was a nightmare for some of the best bowlers in international cricket.

4) Rohit Sharma

Indian cricket is known for its batting style. In the past, we have seen some of the world-class batters coming from Indian grounds. Current Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma, is one of them and he recently achieved a new fleet of hitting 265 sixes in his career.

Rohit has notched up 9630 runs in 239 ODI matches with an impressive average of 48.63. The player was recently appointed as the captain of team India and has done a commendable job with the team. All eyes are now on him for the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup.

5) MS Dhoni

Indian cricket was lucky enough to witness a player like MS Dhoni. A player with a bright mind who took Indian cricket to a completely different level with his commendable decision-making power. Dhoni comes at number four on the list with 229 sixes in his ODI career.

His finishing ability can’t be forgotten easily and especially his helicopter shot which helped team India to lift the 2011 ODI World Cup and many other ICC trophies.

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