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IPL: A Smart Card to Unlock a Brave and Bold New India

Cricket is one of the most entertaining sports in the world that is always in the headlines because of the amount of talent it generates regularly. However, in the last decade, international cricket has gone through multiple changes and has received a lot of attention in international media.

The reason why the sport has suddenly gained momentum in every corner of the world is because of the accessibility of T20 cricket. The shortest format of the game has motivated the non-cricket playing countries as well to enjoy the sport and some of them have successfully become part of the sport.

A huge credit for this uprising goes to the Indian Premier League which completely reformed the sport. IPL came out as a missing piece in the puzzle and took the T20 cricket to a completely different level. At first, the league helped the format reach every corner of the world and then it helped promote the shortest format of the cricket.

Indian Premier League is majorly a money-making machine where every player gets a lucrative deal and hence the league attracts the top talents no matter which international team you belong to. However, unknowingly, the IPL has helped Indian cricket in the biggest manner.

Not only it has provided a platform to the uncapped players from India but it also gave them an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from the senior players while playing while being part of the team. Slowly and gradually, Indian cricket witnessed a sudden rise in cricketing talent and a huge pool of players has come up in the last 5 years.

Indian Premier League – Revolutionizing Young Mindset

The Indian Premier League has paved the way for many young cricketers in the last 5 years. The latest to be named as Yashaswi Jaiswal, Rinku Singh, and Tilak Varma.

Their story is not just about turning from rags to riches. It is much more than that. Players like these three live, eat, and breathe with some of the best cricketers from India and from across the globe for more than 2 months during the IPL. They learn how to handle pressure on and off the field. Take the example of Yashaswai Jaiswal.

The way he entered international cricket on day 1, it looked like he had been preparing for it for a long time. However, in reality, IPL was his training ground. IPL has been helping young cricketers to prepare for international cricket in every aspect.

Beyond the Boundary: Becoming the New Super Power in Cricket

Indian Premier League is a cash-making machine for the players. Every year the franchises hire the services of the players from the draft with a hefty sum of amount and this goes for domestic cricketers as well. In the last 16 years, IPL, regularly, has provided much-needed certainty to the uncapped players in terms of financial aspects.

This certainty has helped the players to focus more on their skills without even thinking about how they are going to afford their necessities. Over time, BCCI and the selection committee have received a huge pool of players – because the country has an immense talent pool, who have similar expertise as the Australian and English players.

There was a time when these two countries dominated the international cricket. However, in the last 16 years, the perspective has completely changed and Team India has come out as a strong powerhouse in international cricket. They might have not won an ICC trophy in the last 12 years but Men in Blue are dangerous whenever they are on the field against any opposition.

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