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Indian Cricketers Who Failed Yo-Yo Test

The Yo-Yo test has become an integral part of international cricket, measuring players' fitness levels and endurance. Its importance must be balanced, as it serves several critical sports purposes. 

The Yo-Yo test assesses a player's cardiovascular fitness, which is vital in a game where players need to sprint, field, and bat or bowl for extended periods. High fitness levels not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of injuries, ensuring players can compete at their best. It also sets a benchmark for players' commitment and professionalism. 

Cricketers must maintain a certain fitness level to be selected for their national teams. This motivates players to stay in peak physical condition year-round, fostering a culture of discipline and dedication. The top bookmakers in India have cricket odds with them.

Here is a list of 5 Indian cricketers who have failed the yo-yo Test in the past and were dropped from the team.

1) Washington Sundar

In 2017, Washington Sundar, the talented Indian cricketer, faced a setback in his career when he was dropped from the national team due to failing the Yo-Yo test right before the T20i series against Australia. 

This incident shed light on the increasing importance of fitness in modern cricket. Sundar's exclusion was not a reflection of his cricketing abilities, but rather an acknowledgment of the crucial role fitness plays at the international level. Sundar's response to this setback was commendable. 

He recognized the significance of fitness in cricket and worked diligently to improve his conditioning.

2) Mohammed Shami

India’s primary pacer, Mohammed Shami, faced exclusion from the team in 2018 just before one-off the Test against Afghanistan. Shami was eventually replaced by Navdeep Saini and things became tough for Team India. 

It was a tricky situation for team India and Mohammed Shami because after playing against Afghanistan, team India was scheduled to play against England. 

However, Shami cleared the yo-yo Test after a month got his space back in the team, and led the bowling attack with Jasprit Bumrah against England.

3) Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu is one of the unluckiest Indian cricketers and he has always struggled to be part of Team India. During the 2018 IPL, Rayudu performed exceptionally and earned a place in team India for the tour to England. 

However, destiny had something else in mind and Ambati Rayudu failed the yo-yo Test and was dropped from the team for the whole tour. In his absence, Suresh Raina got the opportunity to be part of the team. 

After a few days, Rayudu cleared the yo-yo Test and made a comeback to the team before the Asia Cup but it was too late for the player to make a stable space for himself in the team.

4) Sanju Samson

In 2018, the Indian cricket fraternity was stunned when promising talent Sanju Samson was dropped from the national team due to failing the demanding Yo-Yo test. 

Samson was scheduled to play against England with India A but had to miss the opportunity because of the failure. This incident highlighted the unwavering commitment to fitness and performance standards in modern cricket. Rather than succumbing to disappointment, Samson took it as a challenge to elevate his fitness levels. 

His determination and hard work eventually paid off as he made a triumphant return to the national side.

5) Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, known for his exceptional talent and contributions to Indian cricket, faced a challenging phase in his career due to his fitness levels not meeting the rigorous requirements of the Yo-Yo test. 

It was right before team India was scheduled to play against Sri Lanka, Yuvraj failed to pass the Test and was dropped from the team. Known for his determination, Yuvraj made a comeback to Team India in 2018 and eventually said goodbye to the game in 2019.

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