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Has the Bangladesh Cricket Team Reached its Ceiling?

Whenever there is a discussion regarding cricket in the Asian sub-continent, Bangladesh has always been an important of the discussion.

India is the leading giant in Asia when it comes to cricket but since Bangladesh started their run in international cricket, they did become a major threat to all the bigger teams, especially in the white-ball cricket. In the late 90s, Bangladesh started their 2nd run of international cricket with a pace and stunned the world with some thrilling upsets against bigger teams like India, England, and Australia.

They also produced a chain of talented cricketers in the first 10 years of their international cricket. However, things have taken an unexpected turn for the Tigers and now, in the last ODI World Cup, they managed to win only 2 fixtures that came against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

The biggest question that is being asked in the cricketing community is whether has Bangladesh seen the best version of their international cricket & what is the primary reason the team has found themselves in a difficult position.

The Inconsistency Conundrum

One of the biggest reasons for Bangladesh's failure on the international stage in cricket is their inconsistency in performance. The players have failed to perform in every game and have not given their best version of cricket in every game.

Bangladesh has world-class players like Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, and Mushfiqur Rahim. The trio are in high demand when it comes to the T20 cricket leagues but somehow their presence in the national team has not been of much help. In the last 10 ODIs, Bangladesh has just won 4 and has witnessed loss on 4 occasions. When it comes to the T20 format, in the last 6 fixtures, the Tigers have scored a win in just 2 fixtures.

The primary reason for this inconsistency is the dependency of the team management and the young players on the experienced players to win the match. This is not a long-term solution but in the term, it will give a major setback to the team in the future.

Home Ground Heroes

In recent years, Bangladesh has come out as the strongest team when they are playing on their home pitches. However, the result has been the opposite when the team is on tour to another country.

The management has failed to provide the team with a world-class infrastructure that can make them equally competitive when it comes to foreign pitches. Bangladesh has defeated teams like India, New Zealand, Australia, and England at their home ground but they have failed to repeat their performance in front of all these four teams whenever the team plays in the respective countries.

A competitive infrastructure will allow Bangladesh to understand the flow of the game and build confidence in foreign tours. There is a dying need for good pitches that are equally good as bigger teams.

Struggles in Domestic Cricket

Domestic cricket is the backbone of a team and every team management is well aware of this fact. However, when it comes to the Bangladesh Cricket Board, things have been the opposite.

The domestic players don’t have higher salaries and the limited financial security has made it difficult for an individual to maintain his motivation to play for the national team. It is because of the same reason Bangladesh has witnessed a sudden decline in the rise of young talent.

Bangladesh Premier League has reached its 8th season in 2024 but there is no change in terms of new talent in Bangladesh. BCB needs to come up with a path and a string strategy to give financial security to the domestic players so that there is a regular inflow of talented cricketers from Bangladesh.

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