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Fun88 Indian Paisa League 2024 Bonus

Get ready to dive into the excitement of the ‘Indian Paisa League 2024' brought to you by Fun88!

As cricket fever takes over, you have the chance to be part of a grand celebration that promises not just the thrill of the game, but also an incredible array of prizes worth ₹10 crore. Imagine yourself winning gold bars, an all-expenses-paid trip to a casino in Sri Lanka, the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, Amazon gift vouchers, cash, and much more.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular betting offer where every match could turn your dreams into reality! Join the online bookmaker now and be part of the action.

What is the Fun88 Indian Paisa League 2024 Bonus?

The ‘Indian Paisa League 2024' hosted by Fun88 is not just another sports event; it's a grand carnival of excitement with a chance to win fabulous prizes every day.

From March 22nd until May 26th, you can participate in any game on Fun88 to earn points and climb the leaderboard. Each game you play could potentially bring you closer to incredible rewards.

The winners will be announced on May 31st, ensuring a thrilling end to the promotion.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the prizes you can win during the league:

Prize Category Prize Total Winners
League Grand Prize 10 Kg Gold 20
Mega Monthly Prize Trip to Sri Lanka Casino 40
Wealthy Weekly Prizes iPhone 15 Pro Max 160
Daily Delight Prizes Cash & Amazon Vouchers 200/Day

This structured prize system ensures that every participant has multiple opportunities to win, with daily, weekly, and monthly draws.

Whether it's substantial gold bars, a luxurious trip, the latest in technology, or cash and vouchers, Fun88's Indian Paisa League 2024 is set to make this season unforgettable. 

How to Claim Fun88 Indian Paisa League 2024 Bonus?

To claim your bonuses from the Fun88 Indian Paisa League 2024, you'll need to follow a series of straightforward steps. 

  1. First, if you haven't already, you need to create an account with Fun88.
  2. Engage in any of the games offered on Fun88 during the promotion period from March 22nd to May 26th.
  3. Prize announcements are scheduled as per the prize category—daily, weekly, and monthly.
  4. If you win, you might be required to claim your prize. This could involve responding to notifications or emails from Fun88

Terms and Conditions

Here's a summary of the key terms and conditions for the Fun88 Indian Paisa League 2024 promotion that participants should be aware of:

  • Age Requirement: Only players who are 21 years of age or older are eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • Minimum Deposit: Participants must have made at least one deposit of a minimum of ₹1,000 during the promotion period to qualify for the prizes.
  • Equivalent Cash Credit Options:
  • For 500 grams of Gold, the cash equivalent is ₹30 Lakhs.
  • For the Trip to Sri Lanka, the cash equivalent is ₹4 Lakhs.
  • For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the cash equivalent is ₹1 Lakh.
  • For Amazon Vouchers, the cash equivalent is ₹2,000.
  • Cash Prize Crediting: Cash prizes awarded as part of the Daily Prizes will be credited to the winner’s Main Wallet within 48 hours.
  • Withdrawal Conditions: The cash prize must be rolled over at least once on any game within the platform before it can be withdrawn. This means that the amount must be used for betting before it becomes withdrawable.
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