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Duelbits Fantasy Sports Bonus

Are you also looking to incentivise your sports knowledge through fantasy leagues, but not sure where to begin? Well, the Duelbits Fantasy Sports bonus offer is the perfect place for you, then.

You just need to select 8 individual duels across the biggest sporting events of the week and you will be able to win weekly prizes up to INR 4,000 without depositing anything.

In the sections below, we have mentioned everything related to this exciting Duelbits Fantasy Sports bonus offer, so keep reading below.

What is the Duelbits Fantasy Sports Bonus?

The Duelbits Fantasy Sports bonus offer is a perfect deal for every fan looking to place some fantasy bets. All you need to do is, just pick the winners of 8 individual duels happening across major sports in the week.

After the selection, you will be a part of the competition for free. Every Tuesday, you will receive one free entry to Duelbits Duels, which you can use to compete for prizes. However, if you do not use it, you lose it.

If you believe you can make correct predictions, then this is the must-try bonus offer for you. Additionally, you have the chance to compete against others for significant jackpots by participating in fantasy contests with large jackpots, ranging from daily to seasonal events and covering a wide variety of sports. 

Correct Selections Prize
6 INR 200 Fantasy Ticket
7 INR 1,000 Fantasy Ticket
8 INR 4,100 Free Bet 

How to Claim the Duelbits Fantasy Sports Bonus?

If you are also excited by reading the details of the Duelibits Fantasy Sports Bonus, then you just need to follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, just log in to the online bookmaker's account.
  2. Now take part in Duelbits Duels by picking the winners of 8 individual duels across major sporting events happening throughout the week.
  3. If your selections are correct, you will be eligible for a prize as mentioned above.

If you have successfully corrected the selections, just follow the instructions as provided by Duelbits to redeem them. The fantasy tickets or free bets can be used in the future for more such competitions or online gambling on the platform. 

Terms and Conditions 

Although it is easy to claim this exciting bonus, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow in order for successfully complete the bonus:

  • When you correctly guess all 8 selections, the Free Bet token you receive includes the stake. For instance, if you have an INR 800 Free Bet token and you use it on a selection with betting odds of 1.50, your total returns will be INR 400. However, the initial stake is not returned.
  • This promotion allows only one entry per customer. Duelbits enforces a limit of one customer per household address, IP address, email address, payment account, or shared computer (such as a public library or workplace).
  • Duelbits may choose to remove promotional offers from users who are seen as exploiting the system, such as by creating multiple accounts to cover all possible outcomes.
  • Promotions may be changed or removed without notice, either temporarily or permanently, if Duelbits deems it necessary.
  • The general Terms & Conditions of Duelbits are applicable.
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