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7 Legendary Cricket Rivalries that Define the Sport

Rivalries in cricket fuel the sport's passion and intensity. They ignite excitement among fans, enhancing the game's appeal. Iconic clashes like India vs Pakistan and Australia vs England evoke national pride, fostering a sense of belonging. These intense battles push players to excel, elevating the standard of cricket worldwide.

Here is a list of cricket rivalries in the history of cricket that made the sport interesting and kept it in the spotlight for more than 100 years. The top bookmakers in India have amazing cricket odds with them.

1) Australia vs England

The Australia vs. England cricket rivalry is more than just a series of matches; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of cricket. It reminds us of the values of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the unbreakable bond between players and their devoted fans.

Two of the oldest cricket-playing nations have faced each other since the monarchy was at its peak. Dating back to 1882, the rivalry between the two nations took a historic turn and the Ashes were born.

Australia (w) England (w) Total
Test 152 112 361
ODI 87 63 155
T20 10 11 23

2) India vs Pakistan

The India vs. Pakistan cricket rivalry is a fierce and iconic contest that transcends the boundaries of sport. Dating back to 1952, it has captured the hearts of millions.

These high-stakes matches are more than just cricket; they symbolize the intense historical and political rivalry between the two nations. Each encounter is a thrilling spectacle, celebrated with passion and fervour by fans on both sides of the border.

Australia (w) England (w) Total
Test 9 12 59
ODI 56 73 134
T20 9 3 12

3) South Africa vs Australia

The South Africa vs. Australia cricket rivalry is a captivating clash between two cricketing powerhouses. Known for its competitive spirit and memorable moments, this rivalry has produced thrilling matches and legendary players.

The battles between these teams showcase the true essence of cricketing excellence, making it a must-watch for fans around the world.

South Africa (w) Australia (w) Total
Test 26 54 101
ODI 54 50 108
T20 17 8 25

4) India vs Australia

The India vs. Australia cricket rivalry is a captivating saga in the world of cricket. Renowned for its intensity and fierce competition, these two cricketing giants have delivered iconic moments throughout their encounters.

Whether on Indian or Australian soil, this rivalry consistently produces thrilling matches, showcasing the best of the sport. It's a must-watch for cricket enthusiasts, igniting passions on both sides of the pitch.

India (w) Australia (w) Total
Test 32 45 107
ODI 56 83 149
T20 15 10 26


5) New Zealand vs Australia

The New Zealand vs. Australia cricket rivalry is a compelling clash between neighbouring nations. While not as historically intense as some other rivalries, it has gained prominence in recent years due to the competitiveness of both teams.

These encounters are marked by exceptional sportsmanship and cricketing excellence, making them an exciting spectacle for fans. The Trans-Tasman rivalry continues to grow in significance on the global cricket stage.

New Zealand (w) Australia (w) Total
Test 8 34 60
ODI 39 95 141
T20 6 10 16

6) England vs India

The England vs. India cricket rivalry is a thrilling showdown steeped in history. Dating back to the early 1930s, it has evolved into one of cricket's most anticipated contests. With passionate fan bases on both sides, these matches are a blend of tradition and modern excellence.

Iconic moments and fierce competition make this rivalry a captivating spectacle that transcends boundaries and unites fans in their love for the sport.

England (w) India (w) Total
Test 50 31 131
ODI 44 57 106
T20 11 12 23

7) India vs Sri Lanka

The India vs. Sri Lanka cricket rivalry, while not as intense as some others, has its unique charm. These matches feature competitive cricket and moments of brilliance from both sides.

The rivalry is marked by friendly competition and respect, reflecting the camaraderie between the two neighbouring nations. It's a testament to the sport's ability to foster goodwill and celebrate the shared love for cricket.

India (w) Sri Lanka (w) Total
Test 22 7 46
ODI 98 57 167
T20 19 9 29


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