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4RaBet – Bet More With 4raPRO Bonus

4RaBet makes sports betting more enjoyable with its loyalty program 4raPRO. As a part of this limited-time event, you can earn monthly rewards in the form of free bets.

This is an ongoing promotion, which runs till August 2024, giving you 3 more months to collect free bets in the sports section. In the below sections, you can find all related information that you need to get started!

What is the 4RaBet – Bet More with 4raPRO Offer?

The 4raPRO offer is an ongoing promotion on 4RaBet, which gives you the opportunity to collect free bets by betting on sports events.

The more money you bet during a given month, the better will be your free bet amount. So, 

  • If you bet a total of INR 10,000, you receive a free bet worth INR 200
  • If you bet a total of INR 50,000, you receive a free bet worth INR 1,000
  • If you bet a total of INR 100,000, you receive a free bet worth INR 3,000

Do note that 4raPRO is a loyalty program betting bonus that can be received only once in a month. The bonus will be calculated and credited on the first Monday of the month.

Once you collect the free bet, it should be used within the next 3 days. You must then place sports bets on events that contain the odds of 1.3 to 3.0. Any bet placed below or above this margin will not be considered.

The winnings collected from the free bet do not carry any wagering requirements and are instead credited into the balance account directly.

How to Claim the 4RaBet – Bet More with 4raPRO Offer?

The process of claiming the 4RaBet – Bet More With 4raPRO offer requires you to follow minimal directions.

On the 1st of every month, during the promotion period, visit the online bookmaker at 11:00 AM and place bets on your preferred sports events till the last day of the month (11:29 AM).

Make sure that you place only real money bets on events with betting odds of 1.30 or higher, as anything below that will not be included in the calculation of the free bet. The more sports events bets you place, the better will be the amount of your free bet.

After you receive the free bet, you must use it within 3 days by betting on events containing the odds of 1.3 – 3.0.

Terms and Conditions

4RaBet has set important terms and conditions for its players to comply with while vying for the 4raPRO offer. Highlighted below are some of them –

  • This event is not available for VIP members of the website
  • The 4raPRO bonus can be received only once per month by players
  • The bonus is credited on the first Monday of every month during the promotion period
  • Only completed bets are taken into account in calculation of the bonus
  • The bonus is credited in the form of a free bet
  • The free bet must be used within 3 days after it is credited
  • Free bet should be applied on events with the odds of 1.30 – 3.00
  • Bets made with the odds of 1.00 will not be considered
  • Winnings collected from free bets do not have wagering requirements attached to them
  • Cashback is available only for those players who have a verified account
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